Shamrock and Tate teaming up to keep ladies safe

Strikeforce is already a leader in women's MMA. They were the first to have a women's fight headline a card, they are the only major promotion that has a women's champion in Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos, and they've publicized their female stars with equal weight to their men.

Now, two of their stars are doing their part to keep women safe. This week, Frank Shamrock and Miesha Tate will begin filming a video to teach women rape prevention techniques.

As a woman, this makes me very happy. When I took Muay Thai and kickboxing classes, my first motivation was learning how to keep myself safe. My friend earned her green belt in karate for the same reason.

Tate and Shamrock are smart to realize that women want to be empowered to fend off attackers. Kudos to them and Strikeforce for valuing women in this way.

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