Scott Jorgensen beats up Takeya Mizugaki on the way to decision

In his two previous fights, Takeya Mizugaki showed his iron chin, but impressed MMA fans and media with his own ability to strike. He wasn't as successful tonight, though, as Scott Jorgensen took the fight in a 29-28 unanimous decision.

Jorgensen dropped Mizugaki early in the first round, and sunk a guillotine attempt before Mizugaki slipped out of it. That set the pace for the fight, as Jorgensen continued to aggressively come after Mizugaki, landing knees and punches throughout the fight, as well as completing takedowns. Jorgensen's gas tank was seemingly endless, as he pushed the pace the entire fight.

Near the end of the third round, Mizugaki finally came alive, taking Jorgensen down, and trying both submission attempts and ground and pound. It was too little, too late, though, as Jorgensen calmly held on to win the fight.

"That's always my game plan to get the upper hand early," Jorgensen said after the fight.

This fight likely had title implications, as Jorgensen has solidified his role near the top of the WEC's bantamweight class. Mizugaki came into the WEC in April with a title fight against Miguel Torres. Though Torres kept his belt, Mizugaki earned a reputation as a tough fighter by going five rounds with Torres, then the champion.

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