Reza Madadi saves drowning child and father

Swedish UFC fighter Reza Madadi is on a huge win streak. His victories include wins over Yoislandy Izquierdo, Rich Clementi, Carlo Prater and death. He saved a drowning toddler and his father in Sweden on Aug. 3.

After kayaking in the Stockholm Archipelago, he was headed to lunch when he saw a 1-year-old fall off of a pier into the water. The child's father jumped in after his son. Instinct kicked in for Madadi, who once trained to be a firefighter, and he jumped in after the father.

"Everyone just panicked but I didn't even think, I just acted on instinct," Madadi said. "I could tell the man was very upset, but at the same time relieved. It's easier said than done to act fast in situations like these. The problem is that many people start to think, but there is no time for thinking."

Madadi brought them to safety. The coolest part of the report is that when people who were watching from the shore asked to take a picture of Madadi with the family, he said no out of respect of the shaken up family.

Fighters have been in the life-saving business before. Nick Ring came to the aid of a couple being mugged in Calgary. Jon Jones did the same the morning he won the UFC light heavyweight belt.

Thanks, MMA Mania.

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