‘Rampage’ Jackson growing weary of mixed martial arts

Steve Cofield

This weekend is a dangerous spot for Quinton Jackson. "Rampage" sounds less than motivated to face Ryan Bader and he admits he's sick of facing light heavyweights with a wrestling base.

"Sometimes it is hard to get motivated. Like when I fought Matt Hamill, I really wasn't motivated for that fight. At the end of the day, it's my job to fight," Jackson said. "I am kind of tired of fighting a bunch of wrestlers. I'd like to fight more striking-based fighters."

Jackson isn't getting his wish at UFC 144. Ryan Bader is a former All-American wrestler at Arizona State. His striking has gotten better, but he's already admitted there's little chance he's going to simply stand and bang with a guy like Jackson.

"I'm getting kind of bored with guys who want to take me down all the time. [...] I just want to excite people. I know fans are saying I'm one dimensional because i just try to knock people out. I just like knocking people out," said Jackson.

Who doesn't, right? But to do that a fighter has to be well-rounded enough to mix up his game, add to it and then improvise in the cage. Jackson doesn't seem to be adding much to his game at all. He's not a huge fan of training and he certainly isn't in the gym year-round working on his game. It sounds like he's already got his eye on his next challenge.

"The opponents I'm getting, a lot of people just want to take me down. I want to try and see how I'll do in both [boxing and MMA]. I haven't done boxing yet, so before I lay down the fighting, I want to try boxing," said Jackson.

At minus-260, Jackson is a big favorite in the fight.

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