A piece of wood from the pole Jon Jones’ Bentley hit is on eBay

Jon Jones' DWI has piqued the interest of the MMA world, and one eBay seller decided to capitalize on that. A piece of wood from the telephone pole Jones hit with his Bentley is for sale on eBay.

The seller said in his listing:

Well, I've heard people sell & buy crazy things, so I'm going to test that theory now... This is a piece of telephone pole wood that was knocked off when Jon Jones crashed into it w/ his Bentley on the corner of Grand Blvd & Helen St. in Binghamton on May 19th, 2012... It measures about 14 inches long & actually has a "crashed smell odor" to it... It is about an inch wide in the middle & then narrows out at the ends... One pic shows the wood piece & the other pic shows the actual pole which is cracked near the bottom & now supported by wood beams... This is a good conversation piece & definitely WAY more interesting than his last fight... Maybe you can get him to sign it someday, but you may need to use it as protection if he throws a flying elbow your way rather than an autograph.

Genuine "crashed smell odor!" And the seller is even making jokes about Jones' fight with Rashad Evans. That's pretty bold from someone who is trying to profit off of the UFC light heavyweight champ. Considering how Jones feels about being asked to sign replica belts, I'll bet that he wouldn't like signing this particular piece of "memorabilia."

Thanks to MMA Fighting.


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