Pat Barry silences boo birds at UFC on FX 5

During Friday's bout between John Dodson and Jussier Forniga, the boo birds started early. Though the two flyweights provided a strategic bout that ended in a knockout win for Dodson, some people in the Minneapolis crowd were not happy. They shared this displeasure by booing early and often.

One fan who was sitting near UFC heavyweight Pat Barry not only booed the fighters but then called them "pussies." When he said that word, Barry couldn't let it go. According to a video he posted, he asked the man to repeat what he had just said. When the man wouldn't, Barry chided him.

"Hey man, question! Gotta ask! What'd you say? Say it again. Say it loud so everyone can hear you," Barry said.

But the man waved it off. After Dodson knocked out Forniga, the man sat down with his hat pulled over his head. When Barry was confronted by him later, the man blamed his actions on having a bad week.

In the video, Barry called fans like this man roaches.

"That's why I call them roaches. There are more of them than us. They're never going to go away. They're feeble creatures."

Barry caught plenty of flak for using the word roach, but he isn't wrong in his point. Fans who spend hundreds of dollars of tickets to UFC events then spend the entire time booing and yelling vulgarities are hard to understand.

Do they have the right to yell what they want at fights? Absolutely. If they want to waste their money and lose their voices yelling instead of enjoying the fights, they can. But why do it? There are some fights that aren't exactly barnburners, but lately, fans have been booing even thrilling fights. Demetrious Johnson's win over Joe Benavidez also brought out the boos, for no good reason.

But after Barry stood up for his fellow fighters, boo birds are on notice. Watch where you boo, or you may be called out by a UFC heavyweight.