Mir knocks out 'Cro Cop' at UFC 119

INDIANAPOLIS -- Frank Mir salvaged a snoozefest of a fight by knocking out Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic with less than a minute to go in their fight, the main event at UFC 119.

The first round was filled with the clinch. Mir was unable to complete a takedown, after which both fighters seemed content to fighting on their feet. Cro Cop landed an inadvertent groin shot, and Mir crumpled to the ground in pain. Mirko apologized profusely before the bout restarted.

The clinchfest continued in the second round. Herb Dean separated the pair twice as the crowd in Indianapolis grew restless, showering the fighters with boos. Neither fighter did much damage in the clinch, making it an uneventful round.

Cro Cop moved ahead in the third, landing more big punches. Mir seemed content to remain in the clinch until Dean separated them again. Mir finally woke up by the third, throwing a huge right knee that knocked Cro Cop out at 4:02.

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