KO 'The Crippler' is Bisping's focus

Michael Bisping thinks Chris Leben is a good guy. If you watch Countdown to UFC 89 tonight on Spike, he says Leben is a guy he'd probably like to party with. But one thing has gotten under Bisping's skin. Leben doesn't believe that 'The Count' has the power to knock him out:

"He doesn't respect my punching power. Nobody I've ever fought in the past has ever talked about my lack of punching power. I know I can knock him out. You got to hit the guy in the right spot. You got to hit the button. I could TKO him or submit him (too)."

This is Bisping's 19th fight, all but two of the previous 18 have finished via stoppage or submission. It's important to note though that the two decisions came against UFC level competition Rashad Evans and Matt Hamill. Bisping (pictured w/old & angry Jean Claude Van Damme) has had his share of UFC finishes with several via ground and pound. He simply overwhelmed Jason Day, Josh Haynes and Charles McCarthy with a combo of kicks and knees on the feet.

Yahoo! Sports caught up with Bisping today and he sounded like he still needs to build some hatred for Leben:

"He seems like an alright guy. He likes a beer although he doesn't like one too much these days," said Bisping. "I think he's conquered those demons. With the move to Hawaii, he's a lot more focused now. There's no anomosity (between us). No bad blood."

Bisping may want to tune in to Countdown to UFC 89 where Leben campers Chris Wilison and Steven Saito basically state there's no way that 'The Count' can knockout their guy.


Bisping talks about the unique adjustments U.K.-based fighters must make because of the carb-rich Brit cuisine.

Bisping also recognizes that Leben is a unique character and there won't be much of a homecourt advantage fighting in Birmingham. England:

"He may be the rare guy who feeds off the negative crowd in the U.K. He does look a little mental (when) he does those crazy eyes. He probably will feed off it. He'll probably come in there like a real lunatic."

Make sure you hit the Yahoo Experts Blog on Saturday night. Maggie Hendricks is hosting a live chat during UFC 89!