GSP says he's glad he made Penn quit

It's got to be tough sitting on the sidelines while you're called a cheater and your reputation is called into question. Georges St. Pierre has dealt with it for nearly three days and now he's had enough. GSP spoke with MMAWeekly last night and fired back strongly at B.J. Penn, his camp, his fans and several fighters, like Matt Hughes, who have jumped on the bandwagon to badmouth him for what's being called "Grease-Gate":

St. Pierre is thrilled that he smashed Penn into submission. The lightweight champ was unable to come out for the fifth round at Saturday's fight:

"I'm telling you the truth, because he said a lot of bad things about me and he keep saying bad things, I feel great about it. For me, it's a big satisfaction. He said I'm a quitter, I'm not the one who didn't come back for the last round. So I feel very good about."

GSP says he's lost respect for Penn with all the post-fight chatter about cheating:

"With all the things that have happened, all the excuses. I mad a little bit. I hve nothing to hide. I've always been honest. They can say whatever they want. I'm on to a new chapter in my career."

Click below to hear St. Pierre ( w/Damon Martin):

The beginning of the clip is an excellent description of the tactics he used including the science of breaking down lactic acid in Penn's shoulders in the first round. It's too bad anti-MMA folks and casual sports fans won't hear this. It goes to show how quickly the sport is evolving and how much strategy and training is involved. You'd have to be an idiot to call the sport a streetfight or human cockfighting after listening to St. Pierre.

Kudos to Martin, this was a good interview.