Flipping, hovering and more: GSP’s training tactics for UFC 129

Maggie Hendricks

Georges St-Pierre's biggest fight is on the horizon. Not only is he finally taking on Jake Shields, his most-credentialed opponent in years, but it's the main event of a card that will have 55,000 screaming for Canada's best fighter. It's just a touch more pressure.

That means that GSP has had to pull out all the stops in getting ready for the fight. Hitting a tire? Done. Running with a parachute? So last year. Yoga? Who hasn't done that? No, GSP pushed the bounds on this fight camp.

Flip, flop and fly: GSP turned to gymnastics to cross-train for this fight. As a longtime fan of the gymnastics, I welcome this development in MMA training. Gymnasts have fantastic functional strength, body control, balance and flexibility, all characteristics that are useful in MMA. Plus, it gives us videos like this, so we can all giggle at GSP turning a cartwheel with the skill of a 9-year-old girl.

Hovercraft: It turns out that GSP has skills usually reserved for ghosts. See? He can hover.

More Freddie: GSP returned to boxing guru Freddie Roach to work on his striking for this bout. It helped GSP hammer Josh Koscheck with a jab in GSP's last bout, so why not return to what worked?

Ugly design: We've talked about the ugly shirt already this week, but wow. It deserves mention again. Affliction really brought the ugly for UFC 129.