First round cut crushes Danzig's chances as Miller rolls

Jim Miller has some nasty elbows and Mac Danzig felt the brunt early. Danzig was slammed via takedown just 44 seconds into the fight. Miller start raining down elbows from half guard. A left elbow essentially ended the fight for Danzig as Miller open a huge gash on his forehead. Blood poured into Danzig's right eye throughout the fight. At times it looked like someone threw a bucket of red paint all over Danzig's face. Danzig was dangerous for 10 seconds at the end of the second but it wasn't enough to grab a round as Miller picks up a unanimous decision (30-27 on all cards) in the fifth fight of the night.

Miller (14-2, 3-1 UFC) said was tough to try any submissions because of all the blood. It was equally as tough for Danzig on the bottom. He tried for an omoplata (shoulder control) a few times and throwing his legs up didn't work either.

Danzig narrowly missed ending the fight at the end of the second. Miller shot in for a takedown with nine seconds left and found himself deep in a guillotine choke. There simply wasn't enough time to allow Danzig to finish things.

Miller said he was never in danger, "I was able to shrink my chin in. I heard the crowd but I knew where I was and how much time I had left."

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