Can this fight be saved? Couples counseling with Diaz and Noons

Nick Diaz and K.J. Noons are fighting at Strikeforce this weekend after a long, drawn-out war of words (and sometimes fists.) Noons won the first fight, but as so often happens in relationships, the two fighters' families got in the way. Instead of communicating, they rely on quips to share their feelings.

Now, the two are focused on anger towards each other. Really, they're saying the same thing. Can this relationship be saved? From


"The thing is, I'm not mad," Diaz says. "I never was. I was only mad that he was running and not going to fight me. That makes me angry. Like, you little [expletive]. You're running around saying all this? I mean, do that all you want, but take the fight when they offer it. But now he's going to take the fight, so hey, I love that guy now."


"That's his opinion," Noons says, shrugging off Diaz's complaints. "And his opinion on how I celebrated the win, it had nothing to do with him. I didn't give a [expletive] about him." [...]

"That's why I don't like him," Noons [said, referring to when Diaz prompted a near brawl with a snide comment after Noons' victory over Yves Edwards in 2008]. "There were a few other incidents after that, that weren't on TV or anything, where the cops had to come and break it up. There were a few times like that. I mean, as a person, he says stuff like he doesn't think I won. But I gave the guy plastic surgery on his face. He's delusional."

The therapist says: Though the two are speaking through a veil of anger, there's still a relationship worth saving. Nick admits that he respects K.J. for taking the fight, though K.J. still harbors resentment for past incidents.

The only way these two can make it is if they put the past behind them and focus on Saturday's bout. Holding onto the past will only stand in the way of them putting on the thrilling fight that fans know is possible this Saturday.