Duane Ludwig gets Christmas present from UFC: Fastest KO record

Maggie Hendricks

UFC lightweight Duane Ludwig got the present he has been hoping for: an update in the UFC records to reflect that he has the fastest knockout in the promotion's history. Dana White tweeted over the Christmas weekend that Ludwig did have the fastest knockout, and that the UFC's record books will be changed to reflect that.

In 2006, Ludwig knocked out Jonathan Goulet off the bell, but the timekeeper from the Nevada Athletic Commission didn't stop the clock in time. Though replays of the fight showed that Ludwig had a four-second knockout, it was recorded at 11 seconds. That put him behind Todd Duffee, and more recently, Chan Sung Jung, who both have seven-second knockouts in the UFC.

Ludwig has lobbied the NAC to update their records, but it has not been changed. Now, whether they decide to change it or not, the UFC records will put Goulet squarely on top. He has a chance to better that record in January at UFC on FX against Josh Neer.

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