Diaz's dedication to boxing takes him to new levels

Nick Diaz is overwhelming but it's not his physique at 6-foot-1 and 180 pounds. It's his relentless style during the fight and especially while he's trains. In the cage, his boxing approach as an MMA fighter is pretty unique. While most of today's stars look for the big knockout each time they throw a punch, Diaz approaches it with a more traditional boxing-style of wearing down his opponent with volume. The weakened fighter eventually gasses and then Diaz can unload some big shots. Last night at Strikeforce, Frank Shamrock fell apart as Diaz launched 200 punches his way in less than nine minutes. Diaz says it all starts by being relentless before the fight:

"I just know these other MMA fighters aren't putting in that work. And I know when they start (working against real boxers), they're going to be really discouraged. That's why they're in and then they're out. Like 'oh yeah, I did that one time.'"

Watch Diaz speak at the postfight presser with Ariel Helwani:

Diaz gets irked when media and fans say that he's not a hard puncher. He said an action fighter is a more effective fighter:

"If you only throw a punch every once in awhile, then when it lands they say 'oh that was a hard punch' because that was the only damn punch they threw."

Diaz thought he could've finished the fight on the ground as well but Shamrock was easier to take out on the feet.

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