Create-a-Caption: You can dance if you want to!

Grant Cavaliere celebrates after winning by TKO at Disorderly Conduct 3 in suburban Chicago this past weekend. Look at the rest of the pictures from, then take a shot at a caption in the comments. Read on for last week's winners.

First place: Dana thinks, "I probably couldn't even find anyone that could challenge that portrait". -- Robert C

Second place: "This portrait of GSP has been done in Grease-based paint" -- KB24

Third place: ...and the next item up for bid is this wonderful rendition of GSP. Remember, all proceeds go to the "Wake Up Michael Bisping Fund". -- Ron in Vegas

Honorable mention: With everyone distracted by the portrait, one fan decided to take a picture of Dana's crotch. -- Kowe

Honorable mention: "Deluded Dana thinks he's looking in the mirror." -- K-J-MMA-Armchair

Note: I don't usually do honorable mentions, but you guys and gals brought it last week. Keep it up!

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