Chael Sonnen and Arianny Celeste engage in war of words

Maggie Hendricks

Chael Sonnen knows how to start a fight. Though his sharp words are usually aimed at UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva and anyone who supports Silva, he turned towards UFC Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste when asked about her in an interview to promote the World MMA Awards.

He was asked who he is supporting for Ring Girl of the Year in the awards ceremony that will take place in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

We only had one and that was Chandella [Powell]. The other was the IQ card girl. Arianny [Celeste] kind of walks around and holds up her latest test score. One time when there was a title fight, she got all the way up to five and we were very proud of her.

Ouch. Celeste and Sonnen then sparred on Twitter with messages that have been deleted. Celeste started:

Hey what's ur name.. after @spideranderson kicks your [expletive]..u won't even be able to count to 5!! Get ready to kiss brazils [expletive]!

And Sonnen's reply:

Seems easy to wear a bikini and seems easy to walk in a circle, but try walking in a circle while wearing a bikini. Talented girl.

The original interviewer didn't ask Sonnen about the source of his issues with Celeste, but with Sonnen, he usually doesn't need a reason to call someone out. He became angry with Canada for no good reason, and a man who can hate that lovely, docile country for no good reason could easily extend his dislike to Celeste.

At the same time, it could also be Sonnen's marketing mind at work. He is hosting the awards, meaning that there is a fair to middling chance that he will have to share a stage with Celeste. This spat sure makes you want to watch the awards on, doesn't it?

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