Top DB prospect works his own sister into recruiting conversations, pitching twin package

Cameron Smith
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Citra (Fla.) North Marion High cornerback Reggie Wilkerson was a national-level recruit long before he committed to play at the University of Georgia, so it should come as no surprise that some schools would be willing to bend over backward to accommodate him. What the Bulldogs, or another school which aims to eventually land the stud recruit, may be preparing to do goes far beyond offering Wilkerson an expanded role as a freshman. Wherever Wilkerson goes to school, it may have to accept his twin sister to complete a Wilkerson family package.

North Marion star Reggie Wilkerson —
North Marion star Reggie Wilkerson —

As noted by, the biggest player in Reggie Wilkerson's support staff is his sister, Regina Wilkerson. The fellow junior is a three-sport star at North Marion, where she competes in volleyball, soccer and track and field. Of those three sports, Regina Wilkerson is a particularly strong runner, where she qualified for the 100 and 200-meter state finals as both a sophomore and junior.

That talent might be enough to justify a Division I track scholarship in Regina Wilkerson's own right, yet Reggie may not be willing to let that play out without his help. Spurred by his football coach at North Marion, Craig Damon, Wilkerson has begun touting his sister when speaking with schools recruiting him, a tactic which might land the family two college scholarships rather than just one.

"I asked him, 'Reggie, are you promoting your sister?'" Damon told ESPN. "And he asked what did I mean. I told him, 'Most track schools don't have a budget to go out recruiting like football does, so you have to be a salesperson. So if they want you, it's a package deal -- make it two-for-one. Besides your mom, she is your No. 1 fan. She is always there for you to support you.'"

Incredibly, even if Georgia and other schools pass on Regina Wilkerson and still land Reggie's signature, it still won't necessarily mean that the top prospect is by himself at his college of choice. Beginning in fall 2012, Reggie and Regina Wilkerson will be joined by their cousin, Marvin Wilkerson, who transferred in to the school from West Port (Fla.) High. An athletic wide receiver, Marvin Wilkerson has been touted as a legitimate Division I football prospect himself, albeit one who needs to receive more exposure.

"Marvin just transferred in from West Port," Reggie Wilkerson told ESPN. "This is our last year of high school, and I want to play with him before I go to Georgia. We weren't really connected when he was over there, but now we are connected. Hopefully he could come to Georgia too. We will see what happens. I have been telling schools about him."

With all the salesmanship he has been doing, it's a wonder Reggie Wilkerson has had time to keep working on his own game. However, given the role that Regina has already played in Reggie Wilkerson's life, it's no wonder that getting the person Reggie cites as his best friend to Georgia as well is seen as a major priority for everyone close to the Wilkerson clan.

"Regina is the one that looks out for him," Damon said. "She is very supportive. She is not really a football fan but she hadn't missed any of his games. It doesn't matter what is going on, she is going to be at his games. Or if he is going to a 7-on-7 tournament, she puts her stuff on hold to make sure she supports him."

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