Top-10 2013 hoops recruit throws down incredible fast break dunk over defender

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Chris Walker is one of the top power forward prospects in the Class of 2013. He also happens to be an absolutely explosive athlete, as you can see in the clip directly below (and make no mistake, this massive poster dunk is from a recent game; it just looks like it's from 2009 because of a camcorder error).

As first noted by Prep Rally's brotherly college basketball blog The Dagger, Walker's phenomenal poster jam above came in an as-yet unidentified Bonifay (Fla.) Holmes County High game recently. Earlier in the season, Walker had made most of his headlines by racking up stunning totals of blocks, registering 12 in one tournament victory alone just after Christmas.

Yet all of those stats and highlights were relegated to second-tier status by this dunk, which might be as strong a finish as Prep Rally has seen at any level this year. Not only did Walker dunk above a defender, the 6-foot-9 recruiter's dream did so in absolute stride, elevating over the man in front of him in the lane.

It's as if when asked how he wanted to get the ball to the rim, Walker just decided to take the elevator. After all, why walk or run when you can fly?

As you can see in the early season highlight compilation above, Walker is more than just a one-dunk wonder. In that same game in which he dunked over a defender, he also threw down a fast break 360, yet another highlight to an ever-expanding career top plays reel.

The Holmes County star is being recruited by most of the nation's top college hoops programs -- he holds scholarship offers from Kansas, Ohio State and Florida, among 12 in total -- and could end up making a big impact on the college scene come fall 2013. At the very least, everyone now knows that he has the athleticism to compete at that level already.

In the meantime, don't be surprised if Walker pops up again with more high school heroics, particularly of the dunk or blocked shot kind. After all, it's not every day that you see a player pull off a slam that's more commonly deployed only in dunk contests.

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