A skydiving entrance for a high school game ball

Skydiving a ball into the Super Bowl or NCAA bowl game? That's been done. Skydiving a ball into a high school game? Now we can say that's been done, too.

It may not be completely unique, but a YouTube user by the name of dkhanley and a friend named Brian used the homecoming game at Tatum (Texas) High School as an excuse for an exhibition skydive directly into the school's stadium near the Louisiana border.

The pair videotaped the entire jump, including a standing landing for the videographer himself. The duo brought both the game ball and Texas flag for the game to the stadium, then got to watch the undefeated Tatum Eagles (5-0) roll to a 42-19 victory after building a 35-7 halftime lead.

Regardless of how you feel about skydivers, it's pretty cool to see the stadium lights get brighter and brighter as the jumper closes in on a landing. Who knows if this will become a larger trend. If it does, we'll probably need a lot more game balls, because it can't be easy to hold on to that thing with wind swirling after jumping from a plane.

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