Ontario pee wee hockey coach lands massive suspension for over the line ‘Yo Mama’ joke

Cameron Smith

A youth hockey coach in Ontario has finally finished serving a three-month ban connected with something that most elementary school students know to stay away from: He took a "Yo Mama" joke way too far.

As first reported by the Timmins Times -- and first spotted by eagle-eyed Puck Daddy blogger Sean Leahy -- an unnamed coach in the Timmons Minor Hockey program recently finished serving a three-month suspension after making a crude sexual joke in his team's locker room at the expense of one of his own players.

The Times reports that the entire incident started when the coach of one of the program's 12-and-under pee wee teams entered his team's locker room just before a game to see if the team was ready to hit the ice. When he heard the players laughing, he apparently decided to get in on the fun himself, albeit with very inappropriate stand-up material for a bunch of 12-year-olds (or likely anyone else, for that matter).

Here's how the Times described the jokes that followed:

The senior coach spoke to one of the boys and suggested his mother was wearing too many different shades of lipstick. The coach joked that his penis was beginning to look like a rainbow. As several of the young players laughed at that remark, the coach asked the boy if he ever went into his mother's room. The coach said he forgot his underwear in the mother's room and needed someone to go get it. The laughter continued, the report said.

Evidently making jokes about oral sex involving the mother of a 12-year-old player in front of his teammates doesn't engender a lot of confidence in one's ability to responsibly lead and guide young men. Who knew?

Still, while the unnamed coach has reportedly apologized to the team, the player involved and his mother, some in the small Ontario community argue that his punishment did not go nearly far enough.

"We very rarely hear about this type of thing. Does it go on? In my opinion, sure it does. The mentality in minor hockey now is 'Well we don't want to report it because we don't want our kid thrown off the team,'" Bryce Kulik, the president of the Northern Ontario Hockey Association, told the Times.

"It is unacceptable in our present society to have a 12-year-old, and it doesn't matter what the age was, and listening to his mother being run down like that."

Wrong though it may have been, the coach has concluded his suspension and is back on the bench, albeit with what one can only imagine is a certain amount of shame and a three-year coaching probation to ensure he doesn't step across any inappropriate lines again.

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