Incredible toddler scales rock climbing wall like a champ to fetch toys

Cameron Smith

What you see below is incredible. It's also frightening -- thankfully there appears to be a safety mat below the synthetic rock wall -- and possibly inspiring? Perhaps most impressively, it's not a Huggies ad … though maybe it should be (seriously, she's wearing a pink diaper and everything).

Rather, it's a video of a 22-month-old child climbing up -- way up, for that matter -- a in-home climbing wall to retrieve toys that had been strategically placed on the wall by her father. While little more than that is now about the tyke, she apparently lives in Bend, Ore., based on her parents' personal accounts. She's also become a bit of a viral video sensation in recent days, catapulting from virtual anonymity to receive more than 180,000 video views on YouTube.

Why he decided that was a wise thing to do, Prep Rally has no idea. Regardless of reasons, the climber's remarkable dexterity and determination shows that toddlers can be truly inspiring climbers, at least when trained to do so, whether overtly or subconsciously.

As Deadspin pointed out, no one has any idea how this little girl got down from the wall, and no mention of that was made on, where the video originally surfaced. Hopefully she was safely retrieved and brought down by her father once he stopped filming her.

Then again, maybe she just hopped her way down as easily as she got up there. After all, based on her early talent, this little girl might just be the next Alex Honnold.

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