Want to take Lexi Thompson to the prom? Here’s your big chance

Devil Ball Golf

Ah, the high school prom. Just saying those magic words conjures up memories of awkward kisses and awful looking tuxedos (or maybe those are just my memories). No matter how you remember the prom, there's no question it's a special moment for a lot of teens — including LPGA superstar Lexi Thompson.

Like most girls her age, the 17-year-old is looking forward to going to prom this year. Who she takes remains to be seen. That's because Thompson decided to post a YouTube video asking guys in the United States military, between the ages of 18-20, to tell her why they should be her prom date.

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The winner gets to take Lexi to her prom on May 18th. Assuming you fit the criteria, you should probably head on over to her Facebook page to make your pitch. Seriously, when is the next time you'll have the opportunity to take a rising golf star to prom? The answer, friends, is never.

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