Video: Corey Pavin pulls off one of the craziest shots you’ll ever see

Go ahead, take a look at this video before we begin (Editor's note: the shot comes at the 0:35-second mark). It only seems fair since you'll most likely need a minute or two to pick your jaw up off the floor after watching Corey Pavin hit one of the most incredible recovery shots you're ever going to see.

Playing in the Champions Tour's Allianz Championship last weekend, Pavin found himself in a precarious spot on the 14th hole during Sunday's final round, after his approach shot went over the green and came to rest against a tree root next to the cart path.

It was an impossible shot. Not only did Pavin have to hit the ball cleanly and completely miss the root, but he had to accomplish the shot left-handed (he was unable to take a right-handed stance). You read that right: Left-freakin-handed.

I know Pavin has one hell of a short game, but even this shot seemed a little on the crazy side. But Pavin hit it anyway, catching the ball perfectly with an 8-iron, while missing the root in the process, and knocking the shot to within 5 feet of the hole.

Pavin not only went on to par the hole, but he also captured his first Champions Tour title in a playoff. Not a bad day's work for the short game magician.

After his round, Pavin called it a "once-in-a-lifetime shot" and probably the best up-and-down of his career. That's an understatement. It wasn't just the best of his career, it probably ranks right up there with some of the best, and most clutch, recovery shots in the history of the game.

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