Tiger Woods is human after all, fo' shizzle

So with a few minutes to kill before heading out to Torrey Pines for this week's tournament, Tiger Woods took to the Twitter to answer a few followers' questions. And he got one that allowed him to look more human than he has at any time since ... well, maybe ever:

The questioner was referring to a classic Dave Chappelle Show sketch, the "Racial Draft," in which racially ambiguous individuals like Woods, Mariah Carey and Colin Powell were "claimed," once and for all, by one ethnicity. Woods (Chappelle), drafted No. 1 by the African-American contingent, offered up this gleeful acceptance speech:

Let's be honest, this falls square in the category of "athlete-funny," which is, we have such low standards for our athletes' senses of humor that we'll take anything they give us. Still, it's not bad, and Tiger surely didn't have time to run this past his entire entourage for approval before tweeting it. So, yeah, there's that.

Woods tees off at Twizzle Pizzle on Thursday in the Farmers Insurance O-pizzle.