Steve Williams won’t face discipline for Tiger Woods comments

Jonathan Wall

Just days after Steve Williams became the biggest story in golf for racial comments about former boss Tiger Woods, it appears the entire story is on the verge of going away ... at least for a couple of days.

After wondering how Adam Scott would react to the comments, the Aussie came out on Saturday and backed his caddie by claiming he wouldn't face disciplinary action for his comments.

"I don't see it being an issue moving forward," Scott said during the event in Shanghai. "I think from my side of things and my teams, the matter has been put to bed."

With one hurdle cleared, Williams got past the final two hurdles with relative ease, after the PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem and European Tour chief executive George O'Grady issued statements saying, in as many words, Williams wouldn't face disciplinary action for his comments.

Normally this would be the point where we'd call this an open and shut case and tell people to move on, but we're still missing a response from the most important part of this equation: Tiger Woods.

Sure, Woods can't fire Williams or fine him for his comments, but when Scott and Woods show up at the Australian Open, it's almost certain the biggest story early on will be his response.

The question now is, will Woods even deem Williams' words worthy of a response? Chances are he'll probably say the issue is over and go on to the next question. But until he officially puts this story to bed, on record, you can bet people will continue to talk about the comments, no matter if Scott and both major tours consider the issue closed.

With both scheduled to be at the Australian Open and Presidents Cup, you have to think we'll be hearing about Williams and Woods, whether we want to or not, for at least the next couple of weeks.

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