Notre Dame football trumps the BMW Championship every time

When I was a kid, I remember heading to my East Texas church one Sunday morning to hear our new preacher. He was introducing himself to us during his sermon, and spoke of a conversation he had with the exiting man in his position.

He said the man was stern on a few things within the church, but the last thing he said was the one that stuck with him: "No matter the topic, or who you are focusing on, the one thing you must always remember about your Sunday service ... be done before the Dallas Cowboys kick off."

It seems the same can be said about golf and the Notre Damn Fighting Irish. The BMW Championship, which airs this weekend on NBC, is pushing its Saturday tee times up early enough so that the final group can be done by 3:30 p.m. ET ... just in time for the Irish to face the Michigan Wolverines.

It really is funny if you think about it. NBC, which holds the rights to Notre Dame football games, is way more concerned about showing that football game than it is about the third leg of the PGA Tour playoffs. I guess you can't blame them when you look at some of the numbers from the first week, when ratings for the Irish's season opener against Purdue were up 77 percent versus last year.

So, if you're planning on heading out to Cog Hill on Saturday, make sure you set your alarm extra early (Jim Furyk jokes avoided). Even earlier risers could miss some of the action, but at least they won't miss a single touchdown.

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