How many majors can Bubba Watson win?

Hey, Bubba Watson, great job winning that green jacket. But it's been a couple days now. So what are you going to do for an encore?

Yes, it's the way of the world these days: You get a few minutes to celebrate your achievement, and then we start projecting forward. Get back on the horse! Anyway, here's the question: Can Watson follow up his amazing 2012 Masters win with more majors victories?

Sure, we'd like to think that everybody who wins a major is destined to win many more, but with 14 different winners in the last 14 majors, and 12 of those being first-time winners, well, the odds aren't good. You're not going to see anyone challenging Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods anytime soon; heck, anybody who wins multiple majors these days is probably on the short list for the Hall of Fame.

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So could Bubba join that austere group? Let's consider:

The case for: Remember, the Masters wasn't Watson's first dance in a major playoff. He lost the 2010 PGA Championship to Martin Kaymer, an event far more famous for Dustin Johnson's unintentional grounding of a club in some maybe-bunker than anything else. Watson has the ability to stay close to the top of the leaderboard thanks to his monstrous driver, so anytime he can cut loose with the big stick, he's got a chance. Plus, he's young, he's got time.

The case against: How the heck did Watson manage to win the Masters with a putter that would be suspect at a Panama City Beach putt-putt course? You'll note that he missed two put-away putts (though, to be fair, he wasn't necessarily trying to win with the first putt on No. 10). Watson is all over the map, headspace-wise, so if he can stay pointed in the right direction, he's perfect. But that can be a big "If." Not only that, the field is deeper now than it has ever been in the history of golf. Everybody's going to have trouble winning more than one major, not just Bubba.

So, there you have it. Your take? Will Mr. Watson win more majors in his time? Have your say.

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