Jason Dufner inadvertently hits birdie putt, hilarity ensues

Devil Ball Golf

The golf season is all but over, with some Silly Season events wrapping up the 2013 year, and that continued this weekend with the Franklin Templeton Shootout.

Jason Dufner was paired with Dustin Johnson in the team event, and had a good look at birdie on the par-4 9th hole on Sunday at the Tiburon Golf Club in Naples.

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Dufner went up to address his ball, and well, just watch what happened here.

The ball moved maybe a foot to his right, and Chad Campbell, playing with Mark Calcavecchia in the team event, lost it.

As Campbell started cracking up, so did Dufner, and Johnson joined the bunch who couldn't hold back the smiles as he made his putt for their team par since Dufner basically had the same putt for par as he did for birdie.

So, to recap the year of Dufner; he started an Internet meme, tossed a wedge in the lake at Merion, won the PGA Championship and hit a putt sideways.

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