A-Rod eligible at short? 'It's something we'll talk about internally'

Derek Jeter left last night's 6-1 victory over the Rays with a left quad injury, and Joe Girardi had this to say after the game:

"We're not thinking about the (disabled list) right now" ... "This is going to take a few days. Leg injuries aren't an exact science. Hopefully, it'll be less than a week, but we'll have to see."

When asked about the possibility of Alex Rodriguez shifting to shortstop, Girardi said, "It's something we'll talk about internally."

Um...OK. Please do. We only need five starts to make this thing happen, Joe. Let's all pull together and get it done.

As Jeff Passan discusses today, not everyone agrees that Derek Jeter is a great defensive shortstop. Managers and coaches like him a lot. Data and analysis, not so much.

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