Fantasy Basketball: Friends, Family, and You

The annual Yahoo! Friends and Family League draft was conducted on Tuesday - you can find the full results here. One break from the norm that I'm sure many of you will notice is that it's a h2h league this season - we know, it's about time. One non-standard setting of note is that we'll be using weekly lineups instead of daily. The participants have been sent some draft-related questions, and their answers will appear in a Q&A column in the coming days, but for now I give you the commenter the floor. Take a look at the rosters, peruse the draft results, and call out the likes/dislikes/reaches/bargains/misc. that come to the forefront.

I've given you something to get started on by posting my own team there to the right. Admittedly, I over-drafted big-man stats and left myself short in threes and, to a lesser extent, scoring. I'm not terribly disappointed with the position that I am in - I've got clear strengths to deal from (an overstock of field goal percentage and boards) and a trade wouldn't set the cause back overall. As this team is currently constructed, I'll either win or lose 5-4 every week, and that's clearly not ideal.

In case you were wondering, I opted to punt free throw percentage once I drafted Dwight Howard and ignored turnovers throughout. Tyson Chandler seems like my most obvious trade piece at this point, and C-eligible players are usually a fairly tradeable commodity. If Kirk Hinrich and Nene Hilario are reasonably productive this season, I like my chances of competing that much better. Best-case for Travis Outlaw and Earl Watson is that they both win starting gigs, making them worth the late picks, but it's no big loss if they don't - weekly lineup changes make it a bit easier to use bench spots on the speculative picks du juor.

* To avoid the confusion... You will find that Raja Bell is listed as my 10th round pick on the draft results page - I mis-clicked and picked him instead of J.R. Smith, so Smith became Bell moving forward and the two are on their rightful rosters at this point. Smith is listed as having been drafted by me in the above picture because I can work magic with a screenshot program and MS paint.

Be sure to do us all a favor and try to avoid posting something like "Buser's team stinks!" without backing it up with substantiating claims. What we're looking for here is a meaningful exchange of ideas that can help us all in drafts that we have yet to participate in. Have at it...

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