Closing Time: Wood and Gagne terrible, Gordon worse

We'll end each day of the MLB season with a review of performances, injuries, and closer implosions that have fantasy significance. This wrap-up will be called "Closing Time," and it will usually happen late. Sorry, it's for vindicated juicers only.

Kerry Wood and Eric Gagne combined to allow six earned runs in the ninth inning at Wrigley today. Wood drilled the first batter he faced, then allowed a walk and two hits; Gagne allowed a single to Derrek Lee, then stopped throwing strikes for a few minutes, and then gave up a game-tying bomb to Kosuke Fukudome. Ugliness all around.

But as bad as those guys were, the worst pitching line of the day belonged to Tom Gordon:

0.1 IP, 0 W, 0 SV, 0 K, 135.00 ERA, 15.00 WHIP

Not surprisingly, he's one of today's more heavily-dropped players (3282 drops and counting). Brad Lidge is eligible to return from the DL this weekend.

Here are a few other notes from Opening...

Wait, no. It's technically the day after Opening...

Well, no. That's wrong, too. Here are a few other notes from five days after Jay Mariotti challenged us to be a better America:

* Carlos Zambrano and Ben Sheets were both terrific today, but Zambrano left in the seventh with what the broadcasters called "forearm cramping." It sure looked like an issue with his right index finger, though.

* We still don't know exactly what's up with Victor Martinez's hamstring, but there's been an MRI. We discussed potential replacements in this post.

* Kelly Johnson left tonight's game in the third with a right knee strain. Martin Prado replaced him, and he's been a small part of the Braves unlikely ninth inning comeback.

* We won't often mention non-injury news related to universally-owned players here, but it's worth noting that Jim Thome has now hit 14 home runs in his last 21 regular season games. He hit two off CC Sabathia today. Maybe there's an argument to get him off the bubble, Funston.

* Great start for Brad Penny today, but just look at the Giants' lineup. If you're planning to stream pitchers, you'll be picking on those guys all year.

* Speaking of adding starters, Jon Garland and Boof Bonser are the pick-ups for tomorrow.

* Three big days for largely-unowned outfielders:

Lastings Milledge -- 2/4, 3 R, 1 HR, 2 RBI

Franklin Gutierrez -- 3/3, 2 R, 1 HR, 3 RBI

Carlos Gomez -- 2/3, 2 R, 1 BB, 2 SB

Gutierrez and Gomez are available in over 98 percent of Yahoo! leagues, and Milledge is available in 63 percent.