Swedish fan wins World Cup prop bet after Luis Suarez bites opponent

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The major World Cup storyline over the next several days will not be how group play finishes it, but rather Luis Suarez and his alleged bite of Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. We may have seen the last of the Uruguayan this tournament, but that decision is up to FIFA. Soccer's governing body will have plenty of previous evidence to go on, with Suarez having been punished twice since 2010 for separate biting incidents.

With that history, betting site Betsafe decided to have some fun before the World Cup by creating a prop bet that involved another chomp from Suarez. The prop bet went off at 174/1, according to a site spokesman, and Swedish soccer fan Mats Johansson decided to throw 10 kronor ($1.83 USD) down and hope the madman went mad.

He did.

"Hahahaha! THANKS Suarez to you again bet a player o thanks for 1750 profit"

The ticket translated: "Will Suarez bite an opposing player? Soccer / World Cup / 2014 World Cup specials Winner - your bet: Yes"

According to Johansson, he thought about betting 50 kronor, but "chickened out."

Suarez waited until Uruguay's final group match to revert to his old ways and for Johansson it paid 1750 kronor (about $260 USD). According to Betsafe, they will be paying out 39 winners who took the prop bet, including one bettor who will take home nearly $3,000 USD.

"We saw the incident and thought it was obvious," a spokesperson said. "Betsafe players are in it to win it, and we saw no reason to delay them from getting what they deserve."

Hat-tip Fredrik Hilding for translation help

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