Indians and Angels out of A.J. Burnett trade talk

The Cleveland Indians, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Pittsburgh Pirates have all been in on trade talks for New York Yankees hurler A.J. Burnett. The New York Post reports, however, that talks with Cleveland have "cooled" while Burnett would use his limited no-trade clause to stop a move to the Angels.

The paper notes that the name of Travis Hafner "surfaced" as possibly moving to the Yankees in the Cleveland talks while former Yankee Bobby Abreu's name came up in the conversations with the Angels.

As it stands now, though, Burnett will either be showing up for spring training for the Yanks or the Pirates. "It's likely to get done before the weekend,'' a source told the Post Wednesday. "But there are differences that need to be resolved.'' The main difference is that the Pirates only want to pay $10 million of the $33 million owed to Burnett over the next two years and the Yankees would like them to pay a little bit more, according to the paper.

The Post also reports that the left-handed DH spot that the Yanks still have available will likely fall to either Raul Ibanez or Johnny Damon, depending on who will take less money.

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