Bitter Bruins fans litter ice with trash, try to steal players' sticks (Video)

There was a controversial ending to Monday’s Game 3 between the Ottawa Senators and Boston Bruins, with Bobby Ryan scoring the game winner after drawing a soft penalty and avoiding one of his own.

The ending didn’t sit well with Bruins fans after watching their team come back from a 3-0 deficit only to squander the win and fall behind in the best-of-seven series. After filling the arena with chants of “bull—-.” some knucklehead fans littered the ice with trash, mostly in Ottawa’s end where bottles and other debris were thrown toward some Senators players.

As the mayhem continued and Senators players rushed off the ice and down the tunnel toward the dressing room, a few fans were caught on video trying to steal sticks from players as they exited. Ryan, presumably public enemy No. 1 in Boston, had to wrestle back Erik Karlsson’s from a goofball fan in a Bruins jersey who tried to yank it from his cold, soft hands.

Bruins fans are taking a pounding on social media, and justifiably so, given this isn’t the first time they’ve made it rain with garbage in their own arena after a playoff game.

Fans at the TD Garden threw trash and debris on the ice following a Game 7 overtime game against the Montreal Canadiens in 2011 – a game in which the Bruins won, no less. During another playoff series with Montreal in 2014, Bruins fans targeted P.K. Subban on Twitter with a slew of racist and hateful tweets targeting the then-Canadiens defenceman after he scored a double-overtime winner in Boston.

To be fair, Bruins fans aren’t the only ones who have a tendency to behave badly, and unfortunately they won’t be the last, either.