Bills’ Stefon Diggs says Stephen A. Smith ‘sources’ are wrong

Not the best look for Stephen A. Smith from the former world-wide leader.

The ESPN talk show host from the morning program First Take made a pretty huge claim regarding Buffalo Bills receiver Stefon Diggs. Ever the type of content that needs some showmanship, co-host Dan Orlovsky had a jaw-dropping reaction as well.

The whole segment really had the full feeling of… being full of it.

Diggs says that’s exactly what it is.

During a roundtable which was about the New York Jets, Smith took a moment during a rant to put the crosshairs on the Bills.

In a long-winded message, Smith was suggesting that Buffalo has been let “off the hook” in terms of being criticized.

He believes that’s because the Jets made certain additions during the offseason… namely their trade to acquire quarterback Aaron Rodgers, which is putting more of the spotlight on Gang Green.

Then came the direct quote from Smith: He said Diggs wants to leave the Bills but said the wideout feels stuck.

“Brother (Diggs) wants out, by the way. I’m just telling you what I know–I got my own sources. Brother wants out, he don’t want to be in Buffalo no more, he don’t want to be,” Smith said. “I’m telling you right now, I have my sources. Stefon Diggs got to be there but he would prefer to be gone.”

“He’s lost a level of belief in the Buffalo Bills–That’s right I said it. It’s Stephen A, baby, I’m telling you what I know,” Smith added.

That exact rant can be found in the clip below:

At the end of the monology, Smith suggests the Bills and whoever else can say whatever they want… the host says he’s correct.

Well someone in the Bills’ corner has responded: Diggs.

The All-Pro receiver had a few thoughts.


Smith’s comments come a few weeks after Diggs spoke at Bills training camp.

It was the first time he conducted an interview since a whirlwind of reports surrounding him this offseason which hit a fever pitch when Diggs skipped out on minicamp. In those remarks, Diggs said everything is good now and there hasn’t been any update to report otherwise… until Smith gave one on ESPN.

Perhaps Smith didn’t think he’d make such headway in western New York with his comment? Maybe he was just looking for a reaction?

Well, Smith got one, and Diggs’ response seems pretty definitive.

Story originally appeared on Bills Wire