'Big shot' Cubs fan jokingly challenges Chris Christie to MMA fight

Chris Cwik

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s feud with the heckling Chicago Cubs fan he confronted at a Milwaukee Brewers game has taken a few turns over the past few days. Christie stood by his decision to get in the fan’s face, causing the fan to jokingly challenge the politician to an MMA-style fight.

It seems like a plot line straight out of the WWE “Attitude Era,” but we assume this isn’t scripted. Still, it’s not hard to think of the two would-be combatants addressing the crowd in order to build excitement for their big match.

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Politics aside, it’s pretty clear Christie is the heel here. You can’t argue with the fact that fans love to boo and heckle him. It was proven not only at the game where he confronted the Cubs fan, but also after he snagged a fly ball at a New York Mets game.

And before you yell at us about bias, Christie does seem to be embracing the role. He virtually said as much to the Chicago Tribune, telling the paper things could have been much worse for the fan. He also dropped a pretty solid line, saying “I didn’t dump the nachos on him or anything, which was an option.” You’ll recall Christie was carrying a tray of nachos when he got in the fan’s face.

Chris Christie angrily confronts Cubs fan to call him ‘a big shot.’ (Screen shot via MLB.tv)
Chris Christie angrily confronts Cubs fan to call him ‘a big shot.’ (Screen shot via MLB.tv)

The fan here, Brad Joseph, is playing the role of the face, or the guy everyone wants to get behind. He jokingly issued the challenge to Christie, but the governor has yet to respond. While it’s tough to top the ridiculousness of Christie’s nacho line, Joseph is capable of talking some trash as well, telling PIX11 he’s willing to “spot [Christie] one punch and we can go from there.” Again, we remind you he was joking.

We don’t expect any type of physical altercation to occur, so it’s possible this shoot has turned into a work (these are wrestling terms, we swear). As long as the two don’t break kayfabe (again, wrestling term … we’re so sorry), and are seen being friendly behind the scenes, we’re willing to be entertained by their ongoing beef for a little while longer.

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