Bengals QB Joe Burrow mulling offseason training changes after last year’s injuries

Approaching spring workouts after another offseason of rehab, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow sounds like a guy considering all options when it comes to his training.

Burrow, who expects to be cleared soon, noted during a recent event that he’s mulling training and approach changes to prevent further issues.

“I’m still kind of deciphering that in my mind, thinking about how I can mitigate that going into this year,” Burrow said, according to ESPN’s Ben Baby. “Whether it’s gaining weight, changing my training, changing my lead-up to training camp that month before, we’re still working through all that and seeing where I want to be.”

It’s a question fans have asked all season and rightfully so after Burrow’s injury-derailed campaign started last summer with a non-contact calf injury.

While hindsight also says the Bengals probably should have forced Burrow to sit for the first few games of the season, that calf didn’t fully heal until the middle of the season (they beat the 49ers and Bills in back-to-back weeks around this time) and then the unlucky wrist injury ended his year.

It’s only natural for a pro athlete to see that non-contact injury and the following issues (one might’ve played into the other with a change in throwing force to compensate for the calf, but we’ll probably never know) and reevaluate where things can proactively change.

Still, it sure doesn’t hurt for fans to hear the re-evaluation is on the table to prevent further issues.

Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire