Do you believe A-Rod actually took the Subway to Yankees games?

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Alex Rodriguez claims he took the Subway early in his career. (AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)
Alex Rodriguez claims he took the Subway early in his career. (AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)

For a portion of Sunday night’s New York Yankees-New York Mets game, the focus wasn’t on the contest, but on something ESPN broadcaster Alex Rodriguez said. During the program, Rodriguez claimed he actually took the Subway to Yankee Stadium during the Subway Series early in his career with the team.

That claim was met with plenty of skepticism from people watching the game, as well as some opinions from those who covered A-Rod. They weren’t buying his story.

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Casting doubt

That’s the general tone from most of the people casting doubt on A-Rod’s story. They paint him as a person who had so much money that he wouldn’t dare slum it up with everyday people. He didn’t even put his own toothpaste on his toothbrush, according to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post.

We won’t be as mean as that, but we will point out that A-Rod wasn’t known as the most relatable guy during his playing career. He sometimes came off as fake. Do you remember the photoshoot with him and the mirror? You think that guy is taking the Subway? Seems unlikely.

We should point out that A-Rod seems to have come a long way from those days and is an enjoyable broadcaster now. He also seems more open about his life and has shown a willingness to talk about his shortcomings. That’s now, though. Back then, we’re not sure we buy it.

A reason to believe

You aren’t going to find many people who believe A-Rod on Twitter. So, we’ll just post a few more people who think he’s making things up.

OK, we will offer one reason it might be true. A-Rod is kind of corny. It’s endearing, really. Watch him on any late night talk show and you’ll see it. Also, if you watch any video of him talking about or interacting with his kids, A-Rod is capable of going peak dad real quick.

It’s those two traits that make us feel like maybe he’s telling the truth. He’s just dorky enough to have done it, and it would be a peak-Dad move. So … maybe.

The most likely answer

Thanks to one Twitter user, we might have the real answer.

OK, we’ll buy that one.

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