Who is ‘The Beast'? Meet Bears QB Tyson Bagent's dad

Who is ‘The Beast'? Meet Bears QB Tyson Bagent's dad originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Tyson Bagent grew up in an aggressively competitive household in Martinsburg.

He grew up in a champion-minded household. His father, Travis, was a professional arm wrestler. Across his career, he won 17 world championships in the sport. He proclaims himself the greatest of all time in the sport.

For Tyson, he went through the mud to make it to the NFL. Originally a Division II and undrafted quarterback, his road to the pros was lengthy.

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Tyson, now a backup quarterback for the Chicago Bears, takes his father's mentality with him on the field.

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"Super hands-on and super competitive," Tyson said of his father in the video.

Tyson subbed in for Justin Fields, who injured his thumb, during the Bears-Vikings contest last Sunday. He was strip-sacked for a fumble that was returned for a touchdown by Jordan Hicks during his first NFL drive. But he recovered with a one-yard quarterback sneak for a touchdown on the ensuing drive.

Now, with Fields still on the shelf, he has a chance to earn his first NFL start on Sunday against the Raiders.

He admitted if he didn't get his shot in the NFL, he had a somewhat similar backup plan as his dad's career path.

"Yeah, I was basically just going to Crossfit my life away," Bagent said. "Basically, just get as ripped and jacked as I possibly could and be a teacher at Martinsburg High School."

Bagent doesn't have to resort to that plan. And that didn't come as a surprise to him. He proclaims he and his father always knew this was how his athletic career would unfold.

"Yeah, oddly I always thought it was gonna happen," Bagent said. "I think really me and my dad were the only ones who thought this was gonna happen. After that, it was just figuring out how I could outwork everybody that maybe had more things than I did."

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