The Athletics won after introducing Falcon McFalconface, the seagull-scaring kite

The Oakland Athletics' new seagull-scaring falcon kite, Falcon McFalconface. (Facebook)
The Oakland Athletics’ new seagull-scaring falcon kite, Falcon McFalconface. (Facebook)

The Oakland Coliseum, where the Oakland Athletics play, has a bit of a seagull problem. Actually, it has a large seagull problem. The birds flock to the stadium in droves, taking up residence in the upper deck and even threatening to carry fans off to their seagull home.

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A solution was needed, and the Athletics found one: a giant falcon kite, which would fly above the stadium and scare off those loud flappy birds. But it needed a name, so the Athletics decided to ask group of people with endless creativity: the fans.

Our solution to those pesky seagulls? A falcon kite. We need a name! Send us your suggestions for what our new friend should be named. #FalconFriday

Posted by Oakland Athletics on Friday, June 9, 2017

And if you look at the comments of that post, you can see some really great suggestions based on the names of baseball players and managers. Like Terry Falcona, Dennis Eckersbeak, and Yonder Falcono. One commenter suggested Falconnie Mack, after the longtime manager of the Philadelphia Athletics, which is brilliant.

The fans voted, and the winning name wasn’t that of a falcon-ized baseball player. The fans chose Falcon McFalconface, a silly yet fittingly awesome name for a falcon kite.

So how did the Athletics do when they played the New York Yankees on Thursday, after Falcon McFalconface was introduced? After the Yanks tied the game in the ninth inning and scored the go-ahead run in the top of the 10th, the Athletics came back and scored two in the bottom of the 10th to win the game 8-7. There’s no better welcome for a seagull-scaring ballpark falcon kite than a home team win.

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