Andy Bischoff speaks on the state of the Chargers’ tight end room

Chargers tight ends coach Andy Bischoff had his first media availability on Monday, during which he spoke on the team’s tight ends and their current status.

First, he mentioned the signings of Will Dissly and Hayden Hurst.

When you start with [TE] Will [Dissly], you’re talking about one of the three guys in the league that can own the C-gap, period. There’s not many of them. This is a different kind of football league that we live in now. To have a tight end that can own the C-gap is rare. He’s one of those guys. You start with him and his ability to get that done for you and then, let’s not lose sight on what he can provide you in the passing game. This is a guy who catches the ball at a high percentage, in terms of his target-to-catch ratio, a guy that doesn’t drop the football and who protects the football, doesn’t fumble it.

Then, you have a guy in [TE] Hayden [Hurst] — to me, you have six guys in the league who everybody wants. You name the six, you go with [49ers TE George] Kittle, you say [Giants TE Darren] Waller. Name whoever you want. Everybody wants those six guys. There’s no reason that Hayden can’t be that next guy. There’s no reason. He has all the speed, all the hands, all the ability. Hayden just needs to find the right situation. We knew when we had him in 2019 that was the right situation for us. We couldn’t control where it went from there, but we love the guy. We’re nothing but happy to have this guy here. He will provide that athletic element to this offense that gives us an opportunity.

The Chargers made Dissly’s signing a priority on day one when the tampering period opened. Hurst followed very soon after that. Both will be critical blockers in Greg Roman’s scheme and LA expects Hurst to match his receiving output from earlier in his career. On the 2020 Falcons, Hurst had career highs in yards and touchdowns with 571 and six respectively.

Combining Bischoff’s comments with Hurst’s mention of the opportunity last week, it does seem that both sides think this is the right opportunity for a bounce-back season.

Bischoff also mentioned Donald Parham, Stone Smartt, and newly signed Ben Mason competing for spots. He mentioned Parham as still a “developing” player whose size they can use to their advantage. For Mason, it seems they view his usage in a tight end/fullback hybrid-type way adjacent to previous players’ usage in the past.

The way we’ve always done it in this system is that Ben is an ‘F’. In our offense, some will call him a fullback only. We don’t want to limit that. When we started with [Ravens FB Patrick] Pat [Ricard], he was an ‘F’. He turned into what he turned into. He actually started as a d-lineman and he turned into what he turned into. I was also fortunate enough to coach [49ers FB] Kyle Juszczyk, and he turned into what he turned into. You have this balance of guys. We’ll bring out the greatest strengths that Ben has to offer. We’ll also give other guys in the room the ability to compete for those spots. Not just limit to this is a fullback. They’re an ‘F’ in our room. They’ll function in every way they can to help us.

Story originally appeared on Chargers Wire