American bobsledder defends daughters' moment with Ivanka Trump at Olympics

Team USA bobsledder Nate Weber has been soaking in his last few days in PyeongChang, South Korea, with his family.

That’s not unusual, and generally doesn’t garner public attention. Most athletes from all over the world have been simply trying to enjoy the final few moments of the 2018 Olympics after finishing their respective events.

Yet photos of Weber — who is an active-duty U.S. Army Green Beret — with his family spending time with Ivanka Trump has drawn some negative attention on social media, and Weber wasn’t having it.

Trump, who is leading the U.S. delegation at the Closing Ceremony, and press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders went to watch Weber compete in the men’s bobsled finals, and watched the event with his family.

Weber responded to Sanders’ post on Twitter almost instantly, thanking her and Trump for inviting his family to join them, which he said was an “amazing experience for them.”

Many on Twitter, though, weren’t happy that Weber let his family spend time with the President’s daughter.

Weber responded to the “haters” on Sunday, restating how great of a time his family had with Trump and saying that Trump and his daughters “were like best friends” when they were together.

He even responded to some people specifically, too.

Weber made it clear on Twitter that this move wasn’t at all a political stance. All he wanted, he said, was to simply make his Olympic experience even better for him and his family.

It looks like he did just that.


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