Aaron Rodgers tweaked calf during Jets’ “pre-practice conditioning”

Aaron Rodgers might want to reconsider his reconsideration of participating in OTAs.

During “pre-practice conditioning,” said Rodgers, before Tuesday’s session, he tweaked his calf. It happened during the team’s routine of using medicine balls and sleds in order to get players loose for the practice session.

“I haven’t done it before,” Rodgers said of the pre-practice routines the Jets use. “I haven’t done it in 18 years. So but obviously there’s some science behind it.”

Presumably, the science isn’t to cause calf strains.

Asked specifically how it happened, Rodgers said, “I don’t know. Just running, I guess.”

Part of it could be that Rodgers is at the age where strains happen. Unlike Tom Brady, who was not an explosive runner (and that’s an understatement), Rodgers has the ability to put the kind of stress on an aging body that could indeed result in injuries. Especially soft-tissue injuries.

Rodgers said he doesn’t think it’s too serious, but it’s instantly important for him to get proper rest so that whatever was tweaked can properly heal and not continue to be an issue.

It will be interesting to see whether he participate in any additional OTAs, given the injury. It also will be interesting to see if he’s using a medicine ball or a sled during “pre-practice conditioning.”

Aaron Rodgers tweaked calf during Jets’ “pre-practice conditioning” originally appeared on Pro Football Talk