4 teams who could trade up ahead of Colts for No. 3 pick

The Indianapolis Colts currently hold the No. 4 overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft, and there’s a chance a team behind them in the order will trade up to the No. 3 spot in a deal with the Arizona Cardinals.

Considering the Cardinals aren’t expected to draft a quarterback at No. 3, there’s a good chance they move out of the spot to acquire more picks under a new regime.

The Colts are a team who could move up to the No. 3 pick as well, but there’s also a chance they’re comfortable enough with the top four quarterbacks to wait it out.

With the draft quickly approaching, here’s a look at four teams who could jump the Colts in a trade to the No. 3 overall pick:

Seattle Seahawks

Current Draft Pick: No. 5 overall

The Seahawks may be the most dangerous team to jump the Colts for a quarterback at No. 3 overall. While they re-signed Geno Smith after his strong 2022 campaign, there are rumors circulating they could move up to the third spot to grab Anthony Richardson out of Florida. They wouldn’t have to give up too much draft capital in the process, and they have some strong pieces around to help a rookie develop.

Las Vegas Raiders

Current Draft Pick: No. 7 overall

The Raiders are a team who could move up ahead of the Colts. They’re not too far away from the No. 3 pick, and they have a solid situation to help develop a rookie quarterback. They might not be as inclined to move up for a rookie considering they signed Jimmy Garoppolo, but he’s far from a long-term option.

Atlanta Falcons

Current Draft Pick: No. 8 overall

The Falcons are in a bit of a peculiar situation. They have a solid group of targets for a rookie quarterback and a strong running game behind the offensive line. They could certainly move up for a prospect like Anthony Richardson or Will Levis, but they also have second-year quarterback Desmond Ridder, who was their starter for the final month of the season. They may want to see what they have in Ridder, but they also may be enticed by this year’s class.

Tennessee Titans

Current Draft Pick: No. 11 overall

It’s going to be considerably more difficult for the Titans to move up from the No. 11 spot. It cost the San Francisco 49ers three first-round picks to make the same trade from the No. 12 spot. However, there are some rumblings that the Titans could be looking to make a blockbuster move so it may be something to monitor over the next month of April.

Story originally appeared on Colts Wire