4 biggest areas for improvement for the Steelers this week

Despite the win on Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers have plenty of areas for improvement this week. The Steelers cannot count on winning against the New England Patriots the same way they beat the Cincinnati Bengals. Here are four big areas of improvement for this week.

Rushing yards per carry

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No team should be excited when your leading rusher is a wide receiver. Removing Chase Claypool’s 36 rushing yards on six carries completely skewed what was a dreadful rushing effort. Najee Harris only averaged 2.3 yards per carry which is completely unacceptable for a first-round running back and multiple additions on the offensive line.

Yards per passing attempt

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Sunday’s game was just flashbacks of the past few seasons for the Steelers passing attack. Bad throws, rushed throws and far too many short plays. Mitch Trubisky averaged only 5.1 yards per attempt with is bad even by Matt Canada standards.

Fewer defensive penalties

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Minkah Fitzpatrick (39) celebrates after returning an interception for a touchdown during the first half of an NFL football game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Sunday, Sept. 11, 2022, in Cincinnati. (AP Photo/Jeff Dean)

The Steelers had eight penalties for 59 yards which on the surface doesn’t sound too terrible. But when you consider only one of those penalties was on offense you understand the concern. The Steelers defense was lights out in the first half last week but got sloppy in the second half which allowed the Bengals to get back in the game.

Fewer defensive snaps

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The Steelers defense played 100 snaps on Sunday. This is a ridiculously high number and much of that can be blamed on the offense. Pittsburgh punted eight times last week and the failures on offense lead to putting the defense back on the field far too quickly and too often.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire