3 reasons why the Steelers aren’t going to fire Matt Canada

The Pittsburgh Steelers have confirmed many fans’ greatest fears. Offensive coordinator Matt Canada will return for the 2023 season. This might be a huge disappointment for many fans but here are three reasons why they are keeping Canada.

Continuity with Kenny Pickett

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

No young quarterback wants two different offensive coordinators and two different schemes in their first two years. Firing Matt Canada would mean Kenny Pickett heads into Year Two with a second OC and second system. Probably not the most conducive for a young franchise quarterback.

The players like him more than the fans

Steeler Nation might hate Canada but he got the seal of approval from Kenny Pickett and Najee Harris after the season. If you don’t think having the support of your two top offensive players matters, you are kidding yourself.

The offense got better

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After the bye week, the Pittsburgh offense showed pretty steady improvement, especially in the run game. Like it or not, some of that credit goes to Canada and his ability to adapt his game plan to fit what the offense does well. The team needs to score more points but the team won a lot of games down the stretch and the offense did its part.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire