2024 NFL draft order for non-playoff teams is set

The 2024 NFL draft order has been set for the 18 teams that didn't make the playoffs, with the Bears getting the first overall pick thanks to last year's trade with the Panthers, and the Commanders, Patriots, Cardinals and Chargers rounding out the Top 5.

For playoff teams, the draft order will be determined by a combination of their 2023 regular-season record and how far they get in the playoffs. The six teams that lose in the wild card round get picks 19-24, the four teams that lose in the divisional round get picks 25-28, the two conference championship game losers get picks 29 and 30, the Super Bowl loser picks 31st and the Super Bowl winner picks 32nd.

USC quarterback Caleb Williams is widely viewed as the favorite to go first overall. The Bears will have a decision to make about whether to build their franchise around Williams or stick with Justin Fields.

Here's how the first 18 picks shake out:

1. Chicago Bears (from Carolina Panthers).

2. Washington Commanders.

3. New England Patriots.

4. Arizona Cardinals.

5. Los Angeles Chargers.

6. New York Giants.

7. Tennessee Titans.

8. Atlanta Falcons.

9. Chicago Bears.

10. New York Jets.

11. Minnesota Vikings.

12. Denver Broncos.

13. Las Vegas Raiders.

14. New Orleans Saints.

15. Indianapolis Colts.

16. Seattle Seahawks.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars.

18. Cincinnati Bengals.