The 2-Minute Drill I Balancing fantasy football and fantasy baseball is no easy task

In this week's edition of the 2-minute drill, Yahoo Sports’ Andy Behrens talks about the rigors of simultaneously playing fantasy baseball and fantasy football, including some kind sentiments for those hardcore fantasy managers who continue to lay it all on the line.

Video Transcript



ANDY BEHRENS: This is Andy Behrens with Yahoo Sports. This is the 2-Minute Drill, and the clock is running. We are in week five of the fantasy football season, facing huge waiver decisions and lineup decisions. It's trading season in fantasy football with bye weeks looming.

- I'm in a glass case of emotion!

ANDY BEHRENS: But you know what else this is? Friends, this is the final week, championship week, week 24 of the fantasy baseball season.

- We're going streaking! Yeah!

ANDY BEHRENS: I just want to use our time today to give a shout out to those of you trying to land the plane in your damn fantasy baseball league while also managing a fantasy football empire. I realize many of you are football-only players. And, listen, we love you guys. You got a lot of teams. You rightly consider yourselves very hard core fantasy players.

- Shivakamini Somakandarkram!

ANDY BEHRENS: Just please understand there is another tier of hardcore out there. Some of us aren't just sweating waiver priorities in the Broncos backfield. We're placing claims for Mike Boone and Latavius Murray, sure, and we're weighing the merits of Teddy Bridgewater. And we're making lowball trade offers for Christian McCaffrey.

- A center for ants.

ANDY BEHRENS: But also, whew, we're checking the weather radar in New York every couple of minutes trying to decide if they're really going to play this doubleheader between the Mets and the Nats. And we're wondering why Jon Berti can't just play every day.

- He's so hot right now, Hansel.

ANDY BEHRENS: We even have to check rosters for him, and we're trying to decide which Cubs random reliever is going to get the next save, if there even is a next save.

- Gosh, Henry, you could play for the Cubs!

ANDY BEHRENS: We're making five transactions a day in some of these leagues. We're trying to max out our games, our innings.

- Shut up, Dorn.

ANDY BEHRENS: You all might think it's tough managing a batch of fantasy football teams, but there is no stretch on the calendar that is quite like these September and October weeks when baseball titles are up for grabs. Let me tell you, fantasy baseball is a graduate-level game that requires almost constant attention.

- E equals MC squared.

- I understand the universe.

ANDY BEHRENS: But we're almost through it, folks. By the end of this week, finally, finally, you won't be checking the Pirates' and Rays' lineups every afternoon and night. You can put your full focus on the football empire. Congrats on making it through, people. You multi-sport fantasy players are heroes, all of you.