18-game season could alter entire NFL schedule

Whatever Roger wants, Rogers gets. And Roger wants 18 games.

If/when (when) he gets it, the NFL's calendar could change.

Goodell has dangled the possibility of moving the Super Bowl to President's Day Weekend, which will help build support for an 18th game. But what if the NFL Players Association insists on a second bye week? That would require the season to start on Labor Day Weekend, in order for it to end the day before President's Day.

The league has avoided Labor Day for years, because the ratings are lower on the last unofficial weekend of summer. Given the way the NFL has grown in recent years, the NFL would probably gobble up Labor Day Weekend in the same way it has devoured Thanksgiving and Christmas.

As noted by Mark Maske of the Washington Post, an 18th game also could result in the offseason tentpole events sliding from their current spots, with the Scouting Combine moving to March, free agency shifting to April, and the draft slip-sliding to May.

The NFL already owns the sports calendar. They would steal even more attention away from other leagues by expanding the offseason like an accordion.

However it plays out, 18 games is inevitable. As is, I believe, 19. Eventually, 20.

With the revenue that comes from games that count, the NFL will want more of them. That's why expansion from 32 teams is inevitable, too.

More football leads to more money. It's that simple.


Please, sir, can I have some more?

More is coming, whether they ask nicely or not.