If there’s a 17th game, who will the Vikings play?

Jack White, Vikings Wire
·1 min read

Typically speaking, it’s easy to see the Vikings’ opponents for the next season once the regular season concludes.

Minnesota fans can still see how the team will stack up against 16 different opponents, but a possible 17th game being added for 2021 complicates things.

As reported by NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero and Ian Rapoport, the league is planning on expanding to a 17-game regular season next year.

Per Pelissero and Rapoport, each team would play an extra interconference matchup, which will be based on divisional standings from the preceding season.

Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer reported that the AFC West and the NFC North will have a one-game crossover. With that and the divisional standing in mind, the Vikings would play against the Los Angeles Chargers for the 17th game.

There are no official reports yet as to whether that will be a home game or road game for the Vikings.

The league has to first negotiate at least one new media contract in order to make the move to 17 games next season, per the collective bargaining agreement (H/T Pelissero and Rapoport). So it’s not set in stone, but the Vikings playing a 17th game is a definite possibility.